Programs for Learners

Our After3 programs are designed to support students in the remediation of their specific learning difficulties.

Length: 50 min/session
Frequency: minimum of 2 sessions/week
Cost: $85/session

1:1 OG Instruction & Academic Skills Development

Students who struggle with reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension tasks will benefit from working with one of our 1:1 Orton-Gillingham language instructors. We conduct a diagnostic assessment of each student’s achievement levels and create an individualized program to improve skills.

This proven approach to instruction will benefit students who do not get this type of individual attention in their regular school.

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Length: 50 min sessions
Frequency: minimum of 2 sessions/week
Cost: $85/session

1:1 Remedial Math Instruction

Students who have difficulty processing math will benefit from working with a 1:1 math instructor in our After3 program. Our instructors work with students to fill in any gaps in math knowledge and work towards bringing each student to grade level.

Instructors begin at a student’s level of understanding and build from there, so students can make progress and feel successful.

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Length: 50 min sessions
Frequency: minimum of 1 session/week
Cost: $125/session

1:1 Executive Function Coaching

Our coaches help students to develop skills and strategies that increase self-awareness and independence at school and home.

Executive Function skills encompass planning, organizing and prioritizing tasks/information; working memory; time management; task initiation and completion; reflection and self-regulation.

Through the application of research-based methods, students become more confident learners who are better equipped to successfully navigate both school and life.

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Length: 30 min sessions
Frequency: 2 sessions/week (weeks 1 & 2); 1 session/week (week 3 & 4)
Cost: $425 per 6-session package

Executive Function ONLINE Coaching – 6-Session Package

Student motivation and organization can be tricky in an online learning environment! This package is for families who are navigating the challenge of education from home. Offering support with the transition to remote learning will help your child continue to experience success with learning.

Our model includes virtual one-to-one lessons — using a collaborative, individualized approach — led by experts in education.

We can help take some of the stress out of education at home!

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Length: 90 min sessions
Frequency: minimum of 1 session/week
Cost: $125/session

Small Group Writing Clinics (Grades 11-12 Students)

We provide coaching to facilitate the writing process for Senior students. The sessions include small group and one-to-one support in order to move students from the planning and development of a thesis, through to revision and the completion of editing.

Registration will open soon. Contact with your expression of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our policy for both OG Instruction and Remedial Math is to provide a minimum of two sessions per week per semester. Research shows that the frequency of at least two sessions per week is needed for students to maximize the benefits of 1:1 remediation.

Executive Function Coaching allows for one session a week, as we are able to cultivate the applicable skills within that timeframe.

This depends on what the learning issues are. We work “as fast as we can and as slow as we need to.” Our goal in After3 services is to build your child’s skills in reading, writing, math, and executive functioning so that they gain the confidence to take on academic challenges.

Reading to your child at home helps to build literacy skills. You can talk to your child’s instructor about specific ways to support your child.

If your child is unable to attend a session for any reason, a maximum of two sessions per term will be rescheduled. 24 hours notice required to cancel a session. In the event that inadequate notice of cancellation is provided, the session is deemed to be forfeited. Make-up sessions will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time between instructor and student.

In some cases, yes. CRA does allow medical claims for children who have been formally assessed with a learning disability. Talk to your accountant or financial advisor for more information.